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Offstage 2017

Saturday, July 15, 2017

14.00 Pernilla Ellens  Onomatopee 137 Post-butt: the power of the image (Onomatopee)

Post-Butt analyses the virality of images in our mediated society. More rounded, it is a case study around the image of female butts, bootys, and behinds, and their influence in media, society and art. The butt is the protagonist of mass-mediated cullture, it is the democratic sex organ par excellence. The phenomenon of bootyfication exists in many contexts, as varied as the exploitation of the body in colonialism to 90s hiphop culture. Post-Butt goes through different periods in time and place, to analyse the political meaning of the usage of the image of the female buttocks. Then, it discusses the role of the booty in varied cultural expressions such as film, Internet art, music videos, dance and plastic surgery. Deep inside, Post-butt aims to reflect on how our society is conditioned by viral images, that do not only exist in the digital context, but have deep consequences on our physical world as well.

15.00 Albert Coers 

Albert Coers will give an insight in past and actual projects which focus on the use and recombination of books, found images and texts (e.g. Encyclopedialexandrina, 2008-), FINESTRA (Finnish Institute, Berlin, 2014), Posen (NAPRZECIW Gallery Poznan), and, most recently, with projects/publications on sign language, with Länderkennzeichen [Country Signs](2016) and Gartenbilder-Bildergarten [Garden-Images – Images-Garden](2017).


16.00  Cube Art Editions Urban Secret Garden – a trilogy book of photographs, Thessaloniki (2016)

The series «Urban Secret Garden» first appeared in the 2013 shortlist of the Int’l Photobook Dummy Award in Kassel – Germany. In April 2016, the photobook titled «Urban Secret Garden – a trilogy book of photographs» was released with new design and narrative as a Print On Demand Selfpublication. The book was exhibited in Braga, Madrid, Florence, Athens, Thessaloniki, Bremen and now in Berlin.


Sunday, July 16, 2017

13.00 RISO — STQA

RISO — STQA is a series of Show & Tell by 10 riso publishers participating in the fair, followed by a short Q&A of all speakers with the audience.
Organized by We make it.

Participating publishers: Colorama (Berlin), Gloria Glitzer (Berlin), indekeuken – Chez Rosi (Brussels), KudlaWerkstatt (Prague), Riso Paradiso (Ljubljana), SOYBOT (Vienna), Vetro Editions (Berlin)


15.00 Jan Novák  Páteř – Book presentation (Page Five)

Graphic designer Jan Novák presents his work Páteř, a hard-boiled story set in a futuristic Prague which is told in part through design and typography. Novák will give a short presentation on the project’s background and concept, showing materials from the process, sketches, and introducing his vision of urban Czech Republic in 2116. Páteř is published by Page Five, small publisher and bookstore based in Prague.


16.00  KG Weltformat Diorama 

KG Weltformat came across Emanuel Goldberg’s estate in Tel Aviv in 2013 and has been working ever since on an artistic exploration of his scientific achievements. This engagement with his work draws on contemporary examples of image production at the interface of art and science.

Emanuel Goldberg (1881 Moscow – 1970 Tel Aviv) is considered a pioneer of media technology and an information society visionary. A scientist, professor at the Royal Academy for the Graphic Arts and the Book Industry in Leipzig and later head of Zeiss Ikon AG, Dresden, Goldberg studied the fundaments of photography and developed cameras and equipment for the knowledge management of the future. He also worked intensively on reproduction methods, aerial photography and microfilm technology. After being forcibly displaced from Nazi Germany, he used his knowledge to serve the anti-Hitler coalition and the Zionist underground organisation Haganah and founded one of Israel’s first technology companies.

The installation “Diorama” features two display cabinets focusing on Goldberg’s questions about photomechanical reproduction technology and his investigation into the behaviour of photographic emulsions. Original artefacts and reproductions are arranged in backlit display cases with comparative aesthetic studies. The display cabinets are dioramas offering a cognitive as well as an ontological perspective on Goldberg’s research. Questions surface regarding the essence of a picture, the metaphysical conditions of sight and the indexicality of technical images. The sides of the display cabinets are treated with epoxy resin and interference pigments. A visual reflection on the principles of object and medium.

The exhibition is a collaboration and presents at its centre the estate transferred to the Dresden Technical Collections. In addition to the TSD and KG Weltformat, other partners are: Stage Design / Scenography postgraduate course at the TU Berlin, Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, Centre for Media History Research / Centre for Film & TV Research Bournemouth University, Academic Heritage of TU Dresden. (Talk in German).


17.00 Delere Press & Punctum Books   When Thought Wanders Off – Readings & book presentation

The title of Neil Murphy’s Introduction to An Apple a Day… by Jeremy Fernando and Julian Gough, playfully situates our introduction to Delere Press and punctum books, and, more specifically, their selected readings, which range from in situ short stories to a catalogue of agnotology.


Delere Press
Pedestrian Stories (2014), stories and photographs by Jennifer Hope Davy (present)
From a wandering girl, an avatar, a MMOG Gold farmer, a Thai hair length rule inspired student rebellion, theoretical pages from texts to hand, and many spaces in between, Davy, with Anon., and their quasi-Greek chorus in the guise of footnotes, narrate and comment upon a story that emerges from 24 hours in-situ at the Reading Room in Bangkok. Traversing displacement, identity, shadow economies, blind faith and fiction, “In-between Places” is the third story of the series, Pedestrian Stories, produced in/as durational ‘performances’ of twenty-four hours in-situ, in which anything, in-situ, virtually or otherwise, become possible material, characters, and/or participants.

An Apple a Day… (2015) by Jeremy Fernando and Julian Gough, with photographs by Tan Jingling, and an Introduction by Neil Murphy
In their respective stories that comprise this book, Fernando and Gough take “the iPhone (and its variants) – and allow it to mutate into a prickly, resonant metaphor for everything from September 11, ISIS, Anders Behring Breivik, blind gratification, the power of the image, and being itself.”
Punctum Books
MATCHES: A Light Book (2015), by S.D. Chrostowska (present)
Moving from art and aesthetics to philosophies past and present, through natural and technological landscapes, beneath the constellations of politics, history and ethics, along the byways of contemporary literary culture, MATCHES goes back to the drawing board of modern critique. Taking any number of forms, Epigrams. Aphorisms. Fragments. Sayings. Dicta. Sententiae. Facetiae. Fractions of truth… it sets out to rekindle short-form literary-philosophical reflection, with roots in the Antiquity of Heraclitus and Hippocrates, apogee in the French moralistes (La Rochefoucauld, Pascal, Chamfort … ), and late splendour in German letters (Nietzsche, Kraus, Jünger … ).

An Unspecific Dog: Artifacts of this Late Stage in History (2017), by Joshua Rothes
In An Unspecific Dog: Artifacts of this Late Stage in History, Rothes collects 150 short texts as fables for our time, a veritable catalog of agnotology, a series of situations and propositions that revel in the dark irony at the root of our early-twenty-first-century existence.