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Workshops 2016

Saturday, June 11th

12.00 Two Pages

Workshop by Konstantinos Trichas & Dionysis Livanis. Presented by Pupa Press.
Based on the current format of Two Pages and the continuous act of building chains of creatives, this workshop will invite 10–12 people to explore their responses based on a sequence of given information. The participants will look into ways of working as an individual and as part of a bigger team and also examine various components of making.

16.30 Screenprinting + book arts in the context of today’s book market
Talk by OttoGraphic

17.00 Hectographic printing
Performance with demonstration by Alt Går Bra

18.00 Shock and Awe by Ethan Rafal

Performance and Gathering – 12 years of work from the United States of America

Saturday, June 12th

12.00 Little red riding hood as a comic!
Children Workshop by Jul Gordon & Sascha Hommer (Kontaktcenter)

Do you know the little red riding hood? Together with the Comicdrawers Jul Gordon and Sascha Hommer, you will draw the story of the wolf, the Grandmother and the friendly girl with the red cap.
In the end you will have your own comic zime.
Don’t worry: everybody can draw.
For children between 8 and 12.

13.00 Mimeography Workshop
by Erwin Blok, Martín La Roche and Camilo Otero in collaboration with Calipso Press.

16.00 Riso meeting & round table
moderated by León Muñoz, Rrréplica & Gato Negro (Mexico) and Moritz Grünke, We make it (Germany)