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Decolonizing Art Book Fairs: Publishing Practices from the South(s)

Editors: Yaiza Camps, Moritz Grünke, Pascale Obolo, Michalis Pichler, Parfait Tabapsi
Contributing editor: Nkule Mabaso
Copy editor: Mark Soo /

Can we decolonize art book fairs? Can we decentralize knowledge and deconstruct privilege in our contexts? Decolonizing Art Book Fairs aims to rethink through the existing and speculative frameworks of organizational practice in the art book fairs. This workbook attempts to introduce new narratives and help deconstruct the frontiers between north(s) and south(s), putting an emphasis on practitioners and initiatives from the African continent and diaspora. A workbook with (primarily newly commissioned) texts and interviews.

With contributions by: Fouad Asfour, Jean-Claude Awono (Ifrikiya), Chayet Chiénin, Chimurenga, Djimeli Raoul, Renata Felinto, Wanjeri Gakuru (Jalada), Aryan Kaganof (Herri), Sharlene Khan, Grada Kilomba, Carla Lever, Dzekashu MacViban (Bakwa Books), Gladys Mendía, James Murua, Tinashe Mushakavanhu (Black Chalk), Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Simon Njami, Monica Nkodo, O Menelick 2Ato, Pascale Obolo (Afrikadaa/African Art Book Fair), Mario Pissarra, Sergio Raimundo, Flurina Rothenberger (NICE Magazine), Bienvenu Sene (Mabiki), Bisi Silva (CCA Lagos), Kwanele Sosibo, Parfait Tabapsi (Mosaiques), Louise Umutoni (Huza Press), Zamân Books & Curating…

August 2021, English
17×24cm, 252 pages
ISBN 978-3-96287-001-0
20.00 Euro, 13,000 CFA

Co-Publishers: Miss Read, Afrikadaa and Mosaïques

Funded by Hauptstadkulturfonds

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